Oil SeparatorxEV Powertrain


It is an unit that splits engine-oil-mist and blow-by-gas(non-combustion-gas) generated by the engine. The oil returns to the engine and non-combustion-gas returns to the intake manifold for reburning. By well-processing non-combustion-gas, it’s a product that could reduce environmental harm/ stabilize combustion / reduce oil consumption.


  • Mass production case of both labyrinth and non-woven fabricated structures.
  • Analyzable gas-liquid separation efficiency with the best design solution.
  • NIFCO has blow-by generator and test equipment measuring pressure loss /efficiency.

Labyrinth type

It is a low-cost type to separate gas and liquid by applying oil mist to the baffle. A labyrinth which is formed by welding the plastic parts on engine block. By adjusting the flow path shape and cross-sectional area, it creates balance between low-pressure loss and gas-liquid separation efficiency.

High efficiency type

It is more efficient in gas-liquid separation than non-woven fabric type. (Patented non-woven fabric fixation structure) NIFCO has the
actual mass production case of an unit built into the head cover by vibration welding while it’s working as an independent oil separator.

Fractional efficiency analysis

To achieve the targeted oil separation efficiency, NIFCO can provide the best shape with fluid analysis that reproduces the particle size distribution.

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Evaluation equipment

In order to evaluate fractional efficiency and pressure drop (from 0.5μm to 20μm), equipment development can be carried out by combining analysis and evaluation. In addition, NIFCO has the general evaluation facilities for engine parts such as high / low temperature chamber and vibration tester.