Capless Fuel FillerEngine/Fuel/Transmission


This is a product which is attached to the fuel inlet. This product allows the fueling nozzle to be inserted directly into the filler pipe without opening and closing the fuel cap by hand. As with regular fuel caps, it also prevents fuel leakage and contamination from entering the fuel tank from the outside.


  • No need to open and close the cap when refueling.
  • Prevent dust and water from entering the fuel tank.
  • High fuel sealing performance.
  • Fuel tank pressure control by 2-way valve structure.

Prevention of Dust and Water Intrusion

The dust shutter prevents water and dust from entering from the outside. The double-door structure reduces overall length compared to a single-piece shutter.
Water that enters through the gaps in the shutter is drained out by the drain structure, preventing it from entering the fuel tank.

Fuel Seal and Tank Internal
Pressure Control

Rubber seal structure with excellent sealing performance prevents fuel vapor from being released outside the fuel tank. The 2-way valve structure, which combines the main flap with an internal valve, prevents damage to the fuel tank by opening the valve when the pressure inside the fuel tank rises abnormally.