FCV PartsxEV Powertrain


These are the components used for the path of hydrogen and air in FCV, water discharged after electricity generation, and cooling water that cools the FCV stack. In addition, a NIFCO filter is used in the gas path to prevent foreign objects from passing through the FCV stack.


  • It is possible to connect multiple parts with snap fit to form a hydrogen / oxygen combined pipe.
  • It is also possible to set the inbound ports of different paths of hydrogen and air to the same component and make it independent.
  • The filter is set to 250 mesh of fine holes.

Hydrogen combined

The combined pipping is assembled in a spiral shape with filter as a single component. Effectively delivers hydrogen and oxygen to the FC stack. The snap-fit ​​fastening structure helps to reduce assembly cost.

Inlet / Outlet

Provide the same component with the function of taking in cooling water and air independently. The plastic material is PPS-GF, which has a low ion elution amount.


A 250-mesh fine-pore filter is installed in the pipeline. There are two types, i.e., flat and conical, depending on the route / position to be set.