Rollover ValveEngine/Fuel/Transmission


This valve is installed in the passage between the fuel tank and the canister, in order to prevent fuel leakage from the fuel tank in case of vehicle rollover accident.
It also prevents the fuel tank from being deformed due to changes in internal pressure by introducing and discharging outside air.


  • High sealing performance to reduce fuel leakage.
  • Float structure for high pressure and high flow rate.
  • Wide range of variations.

Product Overview

The buoyancy of the float and the reaction force of the spring prevents fuel leakage by closing the valve. A check valve can be installed to adjust the internal pressure of the fuel tank.

High Sealing Performance

High sealing performance is achieved by controlling the shape and roughness of the valve surface with superior molding technology.

Float Structure Resistant to High
Pressure and High Flow Rate

The float structure is designed to prevent the air accumulation inside, so that the valve is opened and closed only by the buoyancy of the float itself and the reaction force of the spring. As a result, it is resistant against blockage even when a large amount of air flows at high pressure.

Wide Range of Variations

Many product variations are available, such as with or without a check valve (C/V), different installation positions (in-tank or on-tank), and the closed-valve liquid level position can be set to match the shape of the fuel tank.