Resin BracketExterior

Product Introduction

It is a part that contributes to weight reduction and environmental performance improvement of automobiles by taking advantage of the flexibility of the shape of resin injection and consolidating functions.

ABS Actuator BracketUPDATED

This is a part that fixes the heavy ABS actuator to the vehicle body. Brackets, which were conventionally made of metal, have been made of resin after satisfying durability and heat resistance.

ECU Bracket

ECU (Electric Computer Unit) bracket is used for mounting the ECU units on the vehicle.
There are a variety of ECUs on the vehicle, such as engine control unit, break control unit and ADAS control unit, which help improve the driving experience.

ABS Actuator BracketUPDATED

Examples of Weight Reduction

By changing the material of the ABS actuator fixing bracket to resin, it is possible to reduce the weight by about 60%. (Example of Nifco's achievements) Contributing to vehicle weight reduction in terms of environmental regulations and improving fuel efficiency.

Proposals that take Advantage of the Flexibility of Resin Shapes

The number of parts has been reduced by 40% by making use of the flexibility of the shape of resin injection and by consolidating functions. Utilizing the technology cultivated in fasteners, it is possible to design using the characteristics of resin. Contributes to the efficiency of automobile assembly by reducing the number of bolts to be assembled.

ECU Bracket

Resinification case

Redesign of metal bracket for engine ECU contributes 60% of weight saving (NIFCO case). This matches the growing need for vehicle weight saving, which also improve fuel efficiency and contribute to environmental conservation.

Integrally molded snap fit

Plastic brackets are flexible in design and manufacture. NIFCO's know-how and technology in plastic fastening provide solutions, such as integrally molded bracket with snap fit, can be temporarily fixed before fastening. This makes the assembly work freely and efficiently.