Quick ConnectorxEV Powertrain


A quick connector is used for fastening fluid pipes, fluids such as air and water. Even in narrow spaces that are difficult to reach, it can be easily fixed and helps reducing assemble time.


  • It has been used for various fluids such as cooling water, air, and gas, and can be designed according to the application.
  • Can be customized according to the layout.
  • Compliance with regulations of "Difficult to release from the outside".

One-touch fastening

The fixation and insertion are done at same time. Not require extra action to lower the LOCK, one-button fastening is achieved. (The checker function can be added by 2 actions) .

Wire lock

There are also various types of lineups that use metal wire as LOCK material. NIFCO can also propose a connector that use of low pressure drop technology of cooling pipe to reduce fluid pressure loss.

Compliant structure

In response to the needs of legal compliance, the "releasable" structure is achieved through the use of ultrasonic welding.