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Bumper Surface CurvatureADAS


Corner radar bracket is used for mounting MRR (Mid-range radar) onto the bumper or body side.
MRR is a key device in ADAS functions such as blind spot warning, rear cross traffic alert etc. Usually mounted in the rear area of the vehicle. But recently also mounted in the front area for front cross traffic assist.


  • Provide different fastening solutions for different radar shapes and mounting requirements.
  • Provide solutions for electromagnetic wave noise needs.

Various fastening applications

Applications for either bumper or body mounting requirements. Such body mounted bracket, NIFCO provides integral snap fit design and plastic clips to replace screws, which makes toolless assembly possible. In addition, NIFCO also produces bracket using tape, ultra-sonic welding or screw for mounting.

Electromagnetic wave countermeasures within the Radar irradiation areaUPDATED

We propose a mounting structure that matches the body structure of the corner radar bracket, a customized design that matches the complicated design of the bumper, and countermeasures against electromagnetic waves within the radar irradiation area.

Development support in the Electromagnetic field

It is possible to propose shapes by fastening using electromagnetic wave absorbing materials and shielding materials. Nifco can offer solutions in the electromagnetic field.