BreatherEngine/Fuel/Transmisson, xEV Powertrain


This product is used for the breather path that releases the internal pressure of the differential gearbox and transmission case. It has a sealing function which can be used with counterpart such as gearboxes and hoses, and it has application case of various shapes.


  • Waterproof breathable membrane (membrane filter) can be added.
  • Through claw fitting and welding, a labyrinth shape that ensures the internal volume and prevents water from entering.

Breather with membrane filter

NIFCO has an application of applying a welded waterproof breathable membrane (membrane filter) that allows only air and water vapor but not water to pass through. Since it is not necessary to consider the water level, it can be installed in a low position of the vehicle, therefore, the freedom in vehicle layout and VA are achieved. Because it is completely waterproof, it can also be applied to EV motors and battery packs.

Various shape achievements

NIFCO can make various proposals, such as adapting to the shape of a narrow layout around the gearbox, direct mounting of the housing, CLIP fastening and claw fitting.