Filter / StrainerEngine/Fuel/Transmisson, xEV Powertrain

Product Introduction

It is a product that removes foreign matter from hydraulic paths such as engines, transmissions and brakes, and contributes to stable valve operation and longer oil life.
Various filters can be insert-molded into any shape.
It is increasingly being adopted as a main strainer for motors for xEVs.


  • Mesh material: SUS, polyester, etc.
  • Actual mesh size: 30-250 mesh.
    (Opening 540-60 μm)
  • Application case of various shapes such as cylinder / cone / irregular shape.
  • Functions such as oil passages / seals can be added.

Various lineup

The mesh size can be adjusted according to the particle size of worried foreign objects, and the shape with the required strength can be proposed according to the layout of the installation position and the hydraulic pressure of the path.

Choose the mesh material according to the environment such as the applicable temperature. The application cases mainly use SUS and polyester.

The application cases of combining with non-plastic parts such as orifice oil passages for oil control valves and rubber cushions.