Fill Limit Vent ValveEngine/Fuel/Transmission


This product is attached to the fuel tank. It detects when the fuel tank is full and stops the refueling process. It also protects the environment by diverting fuel vapor to the canister during refueling.


  • Highly accurate full tank detection function.
  • Overfilling control.
  • Excellent valve opening performance.
  • Reduced fuel emission into the atmosphere due to twin-shot molding technology.

Highly Accurate Full Tank Detection Function

When refueling, fuel vapor is discharged to the outside of the fuel tank. When the fuel level rises to the full tank position, the valve closes, causing the in-tank pressure to rise, which in turn stops the refueling process. (1st full tank detection)

Overfilling Control

After 1st full tank detection, the internal pressure of the fuel tank can be gradually lowered to allow refueling up to a set point. (2nd full tank detection)

Excellent Valve Opening Performance

A wide range of variation is available. Performance and dimensions can be adjusted to match the shape of the fuel tank and the tank layout.

Excellent Valve Opening Performance

By installing two sealing surfaces, one with a large diameter and the other with a small diameter, a structure that allows the valve to be opened in stages from the closed state is created.
The small-diameter part opens the valve first to quickly release the internal pressure of the fuel tank, contributing to the reduction of the load on the fuel tank due to internal pressure.