Combo Fill Limit Vent ValveEngine/Fuel/Transmission


Fill limit vent valve stops refueling. A rollover valve prevents fuel leakage in case of a rollover accident. This is a multifunctional combo valve that integrates a check valve to adjust the pressure in the fuel tank.


  • Wide range of variations.
  • Fuel leak prevention structure.
  • In-tank pressure and refueling control.
  • Excellent valve re-opening performance under high pressure.

Wide Range of Variations

The position and area of the upper and lower windows can be changed to flexibly meet the specifications of various fuel tank systems.
By setting the position of the lower window, it is possible to adjust the range of fuel fill detection from 33.5 mm to a maximum of 60 mm below the welded surface.

Fuel Leak Prevention Structure

Labyrinth structure is installed to prevent fuel leakage. Prevents fuel leaking from the hole in the valve from directly splashing to the port side. Fuel leaked from the hole is stored in the liquid trap and returns to the tank side when the fill limit vent valve is opened.

In-tank Pressure and Refueling Control

Internal pressure rises due to fuel evaporation inside the tank. The check valve is opened when it reaches a certain pressure value, and the tank internal pressure is maintained at the upper part of the rollover valve.
In addition, the amount of additional refueling is controlled by adjusting the amount of tank pressure fluctuation during refueling.

Excellent Valve Re-opening Performance
Under High Pressure

When the valve starts to re-open, the weight of the float causes the edge of the leverage plate to come into contact with the float, resulting in an oblique sealing surface. This is excellent for restarting the valve under high pressure.