Corner Radar CoverADAS

Product Introduction

High-gloss, paint-less piano black resin molded parts.
Proposals such as one-touch fastening with the bumper are also possible. By placing a millimeter-wave radar sensor on the back, it is possible to transmit electromagnetic waves without being affected by the coating, so it is a radar cover that does not affect sensing.


  • Piano black molding is possible
  • It is possible to propose a fastening structure for exterior parts and ease of dismantling.
  • It is possible to propose solutions in the electromagnetic field.

Piano Black Molding

We can provide high quality piano black molded products without painting. Nifco is able to offer customized designs that combine peripheral parts, such as proposing eco-friendly paintless resin products and examining fastenings that take into consideration appropriate fitting with bumpers and easy dismantling.

Development support in the Electromagnetic field

We can propose materials and shapes with excellent electromagnetic wave transmission performance. Nifco can provide solutions in the electromagnetic field.