It is attached to the end of the pump that sucks up the fuel in the tank, and filters contaminants out.
When there is little fuel left, the filter acts like a straw, allowing the pump to continue sucking from the point where it is soaked in fuel.


  • High filtration performance.
  • High suction performance.
  • Water repellency.
  • High life performance.

High Life Performance

Filter materials with different pore diameters are layered in order to disperse and capture dust, achieving high life performance. Depending on the use environment, NIFCO can visualize and predict the behavior of dust by analysis, and propose the appropriate filter media from our wide range of configurations.

Water Repellency

Highly water-repellent material is used to prevent water intrusion.
The finer the pore size of the filter material, the higher the water repellency. Based on this, appropriate filter material can be selected for the expected water pressure.