Bumper RetainerExterior


This product can easily fasten the bumper to the car body and adjust the bumper and fender parting to improve the design.
The bumper retainer can be fastened to the body with a tool-less
by one-touch structure, which makes it possible to reduce man-hours.


  • Adjust the parting of parts to improve the design.
  • Tool-less, one-touch fastening is possible by using a resin clip.
  • Flexible structure tolerates for assembly variation.
  • Water seal ability.

Tool-less / One-touch fastening /
Water seal ability.

Tapping screwless with plastic clip.
Enables tool-less work.
Available one-touch fastening.
Achieves water sealing with the flange of the plastic clip.

Flexible structure /
mudguard integrated structure

The flexible hinge structure tolerates assembly variations of fitting parts and reduces the number of parts from 2 to 1.
The bumper and mudguard can be held by one part, and the number of parts can be reduced.