Baffle Plate/Oil Catch TankEngine/Fuel/Transmisson, xEV Powertrain

Product Introduction

A product that controls the flow of lubricating oil in a motor/transmission.
The baffle plate reduces oil agitation resistance caused by rotating bodies such as gears and contributes to improved fuel efficiency. The oil path controls the amount of oil by storing oil in the upper part of the gear chamber and supplies oil only where it is needed.


  • The baffle plate can be integrated with seal materials and peripheral oil passages.
  • As a fastening method, it is possible to propose clip fastening to the female screw part provided in the transmission case.

Baffle plate

It can seal the component with a claw and achieve seal function at the low cost. (Patented fastening structure). It also can hold the magnet for sludge collection with plastic claws, and to integrate the functions of oil passages that are usually formed with rubber hoses and iron pipes.

Oil Catch Tank

The oil scooped up by the rotation of the gear etc. is stored in the upper part of the mission case, and the oil required for cooling and lubrication is dropped from the orifice to the gear. Clips can be fastened to the mission case even in oil, contributing to a reduction in assemble time.